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Student averages are calculated by using the max raw score of each assessment item (maxscore), the student score (score), the item weight (weight) for each item, and the group (group) that the items belong to.

There are two levels of weighting: first within the group, and then overall with all groups for an overall average.

With two tests in the same group, the method would be:

score1 / maxscore1 x weight1 + score2 / maxscore2 x weight2 = total weighted score for this group.

student group average = total weighted score / total group weight.

Using numbers, let's have 2 tests out of a maximum of 60, with one weighted 100 and another weighted 200 (twice as much). The student achieves a raw score of 54 (90%) on the first test and score of 45 (75%) on the second. Let's see how this would be calculated:

(54 / 60 * 100) + (45 / 60 * 200) = 90 + 150 = 240

The student average would be: 240 / (100 + 200) = 240/300 = 80%.

Due to the larger weighting of the lower test, the student mark is closer to 75 than to 90 for this group called Tests.

For another group of assessments, Daily Work, the student achieves a score of 90%.

If the Daily Work group is given a weight of 30Tests group is given a weight of 70%, then the overall student average is calculated as follows:

Daily Work 90% x 30 = 27 and Tests 80% x 70 = 56, and this gives 27 + 56 = 83. 83/100 = 83%.

Example 2 A student has come later in the school year, and has missed some early work. You have assigned the following group weights for the course: Daily Work 20%, Project 1 - 10%, Project 2 - 20%, Tests - 50%. The student achieved 80% on Project 2, 70% on Daily Work, and 60% on Tests.

His/her average would be calculated as follows:

Daily Work 70% x 20 + Project Two 80% x 20 + Tests 60% x 50 to give 14 + 16 + 30 = 60 out of a possible 90. The student average is thus 60/90 = 67%. Notice that this is not out of 100%, but only 90%... that part of the course assessment that he/she was present for.

Example 3 A student is missing several tests. The scores for these items are left blank (to indicate they were not done). Another project assignment was not handed in and a score of nhi was assigned.

The blank items will not affect the student's score within their group and the group average score will only be calculated for those items completed within that group of assessment items.

The nhi score will be treated as a zero (0) for calculation purposes for the group average score.

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