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Compressing and Cloning Assessment Items

It may happen that you have too many items to manage easily in the gradebook, and you would like to simplify things by removing some of them. You could set their weights to zero (0), which would remove their effect on the average. However, they would still be visible.

One solution would be to compress them... take several items of the same type and reduce them down to a single item. This is what the compress/delete button does on the maintenance (Mtce) menu. It allows you to select several tests and then create a single test that is the sum of all of those items. All student scores are similarly added (and adjusted by the item weights) so that the new single student score is identical in effect to all of his/her previous scores (ie. If the student's previous average on these weighted tests was 75%, the new score will give exactly the same percent).

Cloning Items allows you to quickly create large numbers of identical assessment items using an item or items from the current subject-section or others.

In order to clone:

  1. Select the Maintenance (Mtce) menu and then Clone Assessment Items.

  2. Choose your source subject-section (where the items are coming from) and your destination subject-section (where the items are being added). The source and destination may be the same so you can add items within the subject. The checked checkbox allows you to select all items in the source subject to allow you to quickly clone for multiple subjects.

  3. Click on the items to be cloned and change the number if you would like more than one of them. The item names have numbers added to the end if you create more than one.

  4. Now move to the subject and add scores to your new items.

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