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IEP Data Overview

Personnel Identification

Teachers, Administrators and EA/TAs in the schools will be listed in a teacher table in the schools. As such they can be identified by a school:userid approach. For example a teacher in a school called St Mary's might be stmary:fredflintstone.

Other School Division staff not associated with a school, are stored in a single table listing their userid, name, agency (if not central office), and phone, email, and designation (psychologist, etc.)

Subjects and Evaluation

We have divided educational expectations into different subjects, some of which are traditional subjects; some are not.

The subject areas are given numbers (and associated text). For example, Language - Receptive is number 105 while Gross Motor Development is 200.

Within each subject area, particular objectives are given numbers to identify them. For example, within 105 Language - Receptive, the first objective is 1 - Show Awareness of Speaker and would have a unique identification of 105-1 while the the third, 3 - Look in response to own name, would be 105-3.

When setting up an evaluation program for students, particular learning outcomes/objectives from each subject (105-1, 105-3) are added to a student's evaluation master for each subject. (S)he will then be evaluated throughout the year in each subject based on the objectives chosen for him/her.

Evaluation Workflow

Groups of objectives are added for each student in an evaluation master. We call these groups of objectives, subjects. Each of those subjects can have up to 32 objectives from that subject area.

When evaluations are done each term, a teacher will evaluate each student in each subject. If a subject record for this term already exists, its values are read. If no record exists for this term, a new one is created. Values and commentary are entered for this record and then it is stored.


  1. Choose it Enter Evaluations. All students are listed, with options to add evaluations to existing ones or edit existing ones (all listed).

  2. If Add, a new blank record with values for subject displayed for entry. If Edit, an existing record may be changed.

Report cards will be generated for this student and all evaluation records for this and previous terms will be read and used to create a simple report card.

Table Structures

In general we will link to other information in the school's database for contact information, etc. although this is only loosely linked so the IEP system could very well be stand alone.

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