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Wednesday, June 8th
Documentation Update - Version 9.0 +

I'm in the process of rewriting the admin and user documentation. As I get done a section, I'll update the docs. Currently working on attendance. The documentation link is to the left.... reload if you don't see the 9.0 versions.

Thursday, March 31st
New Server Updates

We're now going through the process of updating the primary and secondary OA servers for Treaty 6 Education. We are using the rackmount HP servers with single Xeon / 4 drives mirrored/striped. The response of the servers is a little bit snappier than the older HP's we've been running for the last several years. I've installed the latest Debian Linux and are using Maria DB over MySQL previously. I've just completed the daily backups (using the backup perl script in the utility folder of the distro) both onsite and offsite backup of the complete OA system.... Databases, Files (all /opt/openadmin filesystem for 16 schools), as well as full Apache configuration, etc. In the event of a building burning down, etc. we could be back up in only a few hours.

I'm working on synchronizing all updated scripts (i.e. timetable scripts updated, etc.) so that I can come up with a new OA release, I'm calling 9.0. All schools on the new servers (primary server runs all 16 schools; secondary server has all previous years databases for querying as well as the onsite daily backups) are running this code. A new release should be along in a while.

Wednesday, February 17th
Update to Parent Site configuration - Apache 2.4

The new Apache 2.4 web server in the latest Debian / Ubuntu distros will require a different configuration section for the 2 html and cgi directories. This is located in /etc/apache2/sites-available under your school name. You should add: (with the INSTALLDIR being the location of your files (typically /opt/openadmin). SCHOOLNAME is the single word name for your school.
Once done, restart your Apache web server. Put the less than and greater than symbols back in around the start and end of the Directory statements.
I couldn't get this to display with those angle brackets! (argghhh!)

Require all granted
Options +ExecCGI

Require all granted
Options +ExecCGI

You can also check if you've done it right by typing: 'apache2ctl configtest'
Any problems, contact me. (openadmin AT )

Sunday, January 17th
New School Events system

I've just completed a monthly summary report that includes school event fields (and also includes per grade attendance, enrollment changes, staff absences, principal walkthroughs). I've also created a central site report that summarizes this data for our 16 schools here. This will come out with the 9.0 release.

Saturday, December 26th
New Open Admin 8.50 Released

I've just released the new 8.50 version for download in the download area. Any problems, please let me know. If is designed to run on the newer Linux versions (Debian 8.1 or Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS) and uses the latest Apache modules to support teacher authentication on the teacher site. OA 8.3 used the older methods of the older Apache version.

If you get stuck, please let me know, and I'll help! -- Les Richardson ( openadmin AT )

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