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Friday, March 28th
More Development

I've just completed scripting for the LLI (Leveled Literacy Intervention) system. This system allows us to create a group of students that have been identified as needing extra help in reading. They get a pretest to find their reading level, and then have a 20h-40hour remediation program and are then tested again. This is just completed in 16 schools here and I have a couple of central site reports that generate summary results from all 16 school databases. I'll add this to the next OA release, which I've been working on.

There is also a new monthly attendance report that tracks teacher attendance entry for each period in the month and makes sure all attendance has been done. It is a 'dual-run' script that can execute from either the school admin site or on the matching school teacher site.

Friday, March 21st
Literacy Intervention (LLI) Updates, Release 8.2 work

I've just done another update of the LLI into the main distro and spent another 4 hours or so updating files in the distro from submitted updates. I'm getting close to having all updates in place. Then I'll start testing with the latest Debian release. This will be an 8.2 release number when out the door. It's a lot of work folks.... I'll also remove the contribution link on the download page. Nobody has ever donated a nickel.

Friday, March 7th
Are the Lights still on?

Yes! I just received an email wondering if Open Admin was still 'alive'.

Yes, I am continuing development for many schools here in Canada, mainly including new features for assessment of student reading and numeracy. These include system for recording DRA (Diagnostic Reading Assessment), LLI (Literacy Intervention), PPVT (Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test), FSTEP (First Steps in Math), and have just finished starting applications for storing scores for a Common Math Assessment system based on outcomes from Saskatchewan Mathematics curriculum. (Add and View scripting only so far). I've also developed comprehensive scripts to evaluate all of these systems and track them for 20+ schools. I'm also in the final stages of development of compliance with the Alberta Education 'PASI' system for synching data with Alberta Ed.

As a result, I haven't had time to make a new release or update the docs for 'quite a while'. I do have an updated code base (which is updated as development proceeds), but updates to install scripts, etc. haven't been done (where necessary). Please let me know if you'd like the updated code base. I'll work on a new release for Debian Linux when a have a minute. If you need other O/S's, please let me know.

Sunday, November 10th
More updates: Mark Entry scripts (Smart Quote filtering, etc); Teacher Index scripting

Here are some new script updates. Feel free to test and let me know if any issues. These are running on a couple of schools and will be tested this coming week. So they are beta test!

a) - this is rewritten to make the logic more obvious (and simpler) and also fixes login/logout issues, AFAIK. This one normally sits in tadmin.

b) Mark Entry - the update to markadd1 script now does filtering and replacement of many MS 'smart quotes' which we get when pasting from MS Word, etc. It also filters all CR/LF values in comments and strips all values in control code areas of ascii. Some other code cleanup. It also does tracks, etc. These are located in tcgi/marks.

These files are on hawk:

Wednesday, October 23rd
Continuing Work... Literacy Intervention (LLI) Updated; new Attendance Report, Nominal Roll, etc.

I've just finished another update to LLI to allow for grade editing of previous year (in case reading score were not added late in previous school year). The new attendance report (Monthly Report 4) has a more detailed period by period, day by day view of student attendance. It, unfortunately, uses the new teacher attendance tracking table (a restructured tattend table) which is now in production use in 22 schools. We may have to change this again if it doesn't give us the tracking of attendance entry we need. There are a couple of new NR scripts as well as rewrite of the Add script (to add Nominal Roll records). The Alberta provincial system (PASI) access development continues to be a thorn in my side. Development continues in the sandbox area, but I can't get the web certificates to work for the next level.... Beta development, so called. I hope to be done this, some day.... (sigh). This should then allow me to catch up on OA releases and documentation updates. Any problems with OA, please email me at: openadmin AT

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