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Why use a gradebook? If your assessments of student progress involve numbers that must be averaged, grouped and weighted, then the OA Online Gradebook will save you time and headaches. It will allow you to print reports on student progress, post your mark into the report card system (if your school is using it), allow parents to view their child's scores and track his/her progress (if desired). You can work on your assessments at school or home (or anywhere you have access to the Internet) since it is web based.

The Online Gradebook is one feature of the teacher site. It allows teachers to enter assessment items (i.e. tests, assignments, quizzes) and record scores for students on those items. The items are weighted to calculate student averages. These student averages can then be posted into the report card system and reports printed for interviews. Items and student scores can be changed at any time. Parents and students can also view (if desired) these same student results on a separate parent website.

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