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Wednesday, August 29th
Download available for version OA 10.0

The 10.0 release is available, but only do new installs, not updates from previous sites. Lots has been changed and added.

Monday, August 20th
Demo Site updates

I've updated the demo sites again with the latest install code for OA 10, and I've also populated student, staff, courses (K-9), and also course enrollments (K-9).
I could also do 10-12 if you think that's important. Could also populate the course evaluations for report card printing, etc. Make sure you use an existing staff member userid and password for access to the teacher site. Look under Staff management on the EOY tab. You use edit to see the password. OR Create your own staff account. -- Les (

Demo Admin -

Demo Teacher -

Demo Parent -

Open Admin 10.0

I'm readying OA for the version 10.0 release shortly (August 20, 2018)

Thursday, March 23rd
New 9.50 Demo Sites

There is a new 9.50 update on the demonstration sites, and I'll be putting this new version in the download area shortly. It does include 2 tables for the new discipline system (event based), but all of the scripts are not ready yet. The update will simply require the new scripts and the update discipline page. The entire attendance system has been largely redone.

Friday, August 12th
Demonstration Sites now up. Version 9.00

The demonstration sites are now up on the new server running the 9.00 version. Any problems let me know, Les Richardson (

OA 9.00 Released

The new OA 9.00 download is available from the download page.

Saturday, July 23rd
What's working....

I'm still updating things that are broken, etc. The demo sites are updated with the latest 9.00 version, still unreleased, but in beta test. Any problems, please email me.

New Server, July 23rd

The very old server hosting these pages died, and so I'm rationalizing my servers and have this on a new server (gondor) for documentations and downloads.